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 ACE is a Character, Integrity, Leadership and Life Skills Training Program 

Character and leadership

The obstacles faced by our youth today are overwhelming. Many have lost their “sense of self” which has created a debilitating discouragement. Students show up to the classroom disengaged and distracted, which increases the potential for crisis and greatly diminishes the chances for optimal outcomes. The pendulum swings from an inflated sense of entitlement mindset to the poor me defeatist attitude. For some it is the achievement trap and for others it is a learned helplessness. When left un-checked the results may become catastrophic resulting in insecurity, low self-esteem, self-doubt, fear and condemnation. All of which can lead to behavior challenges, lower academic achievement, etc. According to the El Paso County Public Health Department, suicide is the largest cause of death for youth ages 10-17 in Colorado. Colorado consistently ranks among the top 10 states with the highest suicide rates.



“When was the last time a student exhibited genuine enthusiasm for their time in school? Or a contagious excitement for wanting “more” of what is being served up in the classroom? Charmas Lee doesn’t just light a student’s pilot light, he ignites it! He inspires youth to become the best version of themselves, to approach life with the mindset of a champion. Fortunate is the young man or young woman who is instructed by Charmas and benefits from his expertise and commitment to helping individuals develop their emotional intelligence along with their intellectual and physical capabilities. Charmas Lee is the “real deal” and his Think-Say-Do approach to creating champions, in all walks of life, is something we all need. He ignites the heart and influences the mind of every life he touches.”

Beth V. Walker

Founder, Center for College Solutions

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